Scientific Tasks

 - Development of the research potential of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski within the joint work of a team of distinguished teachers, young researchers and experts from Sofia University, Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), state institutions, business, and the NGO sector;

- Implementation of a 7-year academic programme with clearly formulated and specific research goals related to the public practice under the general motto „Dialogue Europe";

- Setting up of a model of work and promotion of research initiatives of young scholars through projects, publications of their works, scholarships, specializations, training seminars - modules etc.;

- Further development of the doctoral and postdoctoral institute in Sofia University and at the same time providing support for the development of "human resources" division and "international activity" division in the administration;

- Harmonization of the Bulgarian social environment with the one in European Union and promotion of regional cooperation in the academic research field.

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