"A World without Walls 2010" - International conference (Berlin, 6th - 10th November 2010)

"An International Conference on Peace building, Reconciliation and Globalization in an Interdependent World" 
(Berlin, 6th - 10th November 2010)

Held on the 21st Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

A World Without Walls 2010: "An International Conference on Peace building, Reconciliation and Globalization in an Interdependent World" (Berlin, 6th - 10th November 2010)

As the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy's flagship annual event, 'A World without Walls 2010' presents a unique opportunity to join a large group of speakers and participants in celebration of this historic event. Attendees will participate in lectures, discussions and seminars led by experts from the fields of international politics, academia and civil society. Confirmed speakers include current and former heads of states and ministers, as well as leaders of academic institutions and non-governmental organizations.

The ICD is also hosting two additional programs, in November 2010 and is currently accepting applications to attend these programs:
- Europe Meets Russia: A Forum for Young Leaders
Berlin, 03 - 09 November, 2010 (www.icd-emr.org)
- Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders
Berlin, 22 - 26 November, 2010 (www.icd-europe.org)

- A World without Walls 2010 - "An International Conference on Peace building, Reconciliation and Globalization in an Interdependent World"

Held on the 21st Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall www.world-without-walls.org

On the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as the eyes of the world fall upon Germany´s capital once again, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and other leading organizations will host A World without Walls 2010. The conference will bring together scholars and academics, civil society practitioners, journalists, political and diplomatic representatives, and other interested stakeholders for a five-day program of lectures and panel discussions featuring renowned figures from international politics, diplomacy, academia, and civil society. Cultural and social activities will complement the academic components and provide an opportunity for participants to expand their personal networks and experience Berlin´s rich cultural landscape on an important occasion in the city´s history.

There is a general consensus that the process of globalization is creating a world in which individual nation states are increasingly interdependent and interconnected. National approaches to issues including international politics, trade and economics, healthcare, immigration, tourism, and climate change are therefore increasingly dependent on the policies and approaches of neighboring states and international partners. Despite this growing interdependence, there remain major cultural, political, religious, and economic disputes as well as a large number of conflicts across the world with deep-rooted historical experiences, from political conflict at the international level to violent conflict at the sub-national level. The de-escalation of these disputes and conflicts requires creative thinking and new approaches that take into account both the history of the divisions and the evolving global context within which they are set.

"A World without Walls 2010" will look in detail at the major conflicts across the world today, from disputes amongst communities at the local level to international disputes between regions and multi-lateral organizations. Through constructive discussion and debate the conference will assess the changing global environment and explore how non-governmental organizations, governments, and individual stakeholders can support peace building, reconciliation, and conflict de-escalation across the world.
The speakers during the Seminar will include leading figures and experts from international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society and the private sector, from across the world. These speakers will include a number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board (for further information about the Advisory Board please click here). 
Speakers for the conference include:

Senator the Hon Alan Ferguson - ICD Advisory Board Member - Senator for South Australia, Deputy

President of the Australian Senate, the 22nd President of the Australian Senate

Dr. Alfredo Palacio - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former President of Ecuador

Anatoliy Zlenko - Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine

Dr. Andro Vlahusic - Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik; Former Minister of Health of Croatia

Prof. Anthony Giddens (Baron Giddens, of Southgate) - Professor Emeritus at the London School

of Economics; Life Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; Former Director of the London School of


Arno Truger - Director - Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR)

Prof. Dr. Arthur H. Westing - Former director of the United Nations Environment Program project on

Peace, Security, and Environment

Amb. Dr. Cynthia P. Schneider - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former Ambassador of the United

States to the Kingdom of the Netherlands

President Dr. Emil Constantinescu - ICD Board Member - Former President of Romania

Dr. Erhard Busek - ICD Board Member - Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria

Dr. Erkki Tuomioja - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former Finnish Foreign Minister

Prof. Dr. Fawaz A. Gerges - Professor of Middle Eastern Politics and International Relations at the

London School of Economics and Political Science

Prof. Dr. Fadwa El Guindi - Distinguished Professor of Anthropology; Head of Department of Social

Sciences, Qatar University

Prof. Dr. François Heisbourg - Chairman of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) and

of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (Special Advisor, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique,


Dr. Gerlinde Niehus - Head, Corporate Communications Section, Public Diplomacy Division, NATO

Prof. Gert Weisskirchen - Former Member of the German Parliament, Former Spokesperson of the

Social-Democratic Parliamentary Working Group on Foreign Affairs

Heinz J Kuzdas - Photographer and Author of „Berliner Mauer Kunst: Mit East Side Gallery (Berlin's

wall art = Arte en el muro de Berlin)

Kazenambo Kazenambo - ICD Advisory Board Member - Minister of Youth and Sports of Namibia


Jack McConnell (Lord McConnell) - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former First Minister of Scotland

Sir James Richard Marie Mancham - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former President of the

Republic of Seychelles

HE Lt. Jerry John Rawlings - Former President of Ghana

Joaquim Chissano - Former President of Mozambique; Former Chairperson of the African Union

Prof. Dr. Joris Voorhoeve - Former Defence Minister of Holland and Professor of International

Security Studies at Nederlandse Defensie Academie

The Honorable Senator Larry Pressler (Ret.) - Former United States Senator from South Dakota;

Member of the US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad

Dr. Ioannis Kasoulides - ICD Board Member - Former Foreign Minister of Cyprus

Dr. Luc Reychler - Professor of International Relations, University of Leuven; Director of the Center

of Peace Research and Strategic Studies (CSIS)

Marcia Barrett - Lead Singer of Boney M

Marina Pendes - ICD dvisory Board Member - Deputy Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mark C. Donfried - Director, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Prof. Dr. Miomir Zuzul - ICD Board Member - Former Foreign Minister of Croatia, Former Croatian

Ambassador to the United States

Nouzha Skalli - ICD Advisory Board Member - Moroccan Minister for Family, Social Development,

and Solidarity

Dr. Solomon Isaac Passy - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria

Prof. Sultan Barakat - Professor at the Department of Politics, University of York, UK; Founding

director of the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit (PRDU), University of York

Dr. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former President of Latvia

Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld - Director of the Center for Applied Policy Research and Professor or

Political Science at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

H.E. Yasar Yakis - ICD Advisory Board Member - Turkish MP, Former Foreign Minister of Turkey

Emmanuel Reinert - Executive Director of The International Council on Security and Development

Dr. Bruno Tertrais - Senior Research Fellow, Fondation pour la recherche strategique 

Conference Participants
The conference participants will include young professionals, students and scholars, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, journalists, and other interested stakeholders from across the world.
To apply: http://www.culturaldiplomacy.org/academy/index.php?en_www2010_application-form

Certificate of Attendance
All conference participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance at the end of the program. This certificate will confirm attendance and provide details of the speakers who took part during the program and the topics discussed.

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy encourages research and progressive thought into the fields of culture, globalization and international relations. In this regard, the ICD welcomes participants of the Conference to submit papers on this subject. The papers can cover any topic within these fields, according to your own particular interests and passions. Participants can submit work that they have completed in the past for other purposes, ongoing research or a paper written specifically for the conference. Groups of students are also allowed to submit collaborative pieces of work.

Conference Book
Upon completion of the conference, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy will publish a conference book including the proceedings and activities of the conference.
This book will include a number of different components:
  • Introductory Essay by ICD's Director and Advisory Board Members
  • The Conference Report and Summary
  • Conference Papers and Lectures from the Speakers
  • The Revised and Edited Participant Papers
  • Special Interviews with the Speakers and Participants
  • A Photo Gallery of the entire event including social activities and a group photo of all of the conference speakers and participants
The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is an international, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The goal of the ICD is to promote global peace and stability through strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels. Over the past decade the ICD has grown to become one of Europe's largest independent cultural exchange organizations, whose programs facilitate interaction between individuals of all cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds, from across the world.
Previous Events
Previous events held by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy include "A World without Walls: An International Congress on "Soft Power", Cultural Diplomacy and Interdependence", which marked the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (www.world-without-walls.org).

In February, 2010, the ICD hosted the Berlin International Economics Congress: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Roles of Global Politics & Civil Society in International Economics (www.biec.de).

In May 2010 the ICD hosted The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2010 (www.icd-interantionalsymposium.org ). Speakers in this event included Bertie Ahern - Former Prime minister of Ireland; Emil Constantinescu - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former President of Romania; Sir Malcolm Rifkind - Former Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom; Kjell Magne Bondevik - Former Prime Minister of Norway; and Dr. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga - ICD Advisory Board Member - Former President of Latvia.

* For any additional information please address any queries to: info@culturaldiplomacy.org  

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